4th March 2020.


HAIGH® Recruitment

We are totally committed to keeping our clients, candidates and ourselves as safe as possible. We will continue to monitor and follow the Government's advice.


It is not a simple judgemet and of course the hope is that we are being over cautious, however we consider that as part of a wider responsibility to society that we adapt our processes to continue to deliver a high quality service.

Continuity of Service....

We are able to guarantee continuity of service with remote working- to provide seamless contact for both clients and candidates alike, with the company and individual consultants, on a daily basis.

We have for many years had in place a robust and secure remote working culture and proven disaster recovery capability. Secure and encrypted IT and telephony that also provides HD Video Meetings and Conference Calls from remote locations.

We have been advising clients and candidates alike for over 30 years and weathered the various challenges the economy has thrown in our direction over the decades. We look forward to continue working with clients and candidates in overcoming these challenges. .

We request of candidates and clients alike that if they, or anyone within their households or offices, pose a risk of passing on this infection by attending an interview or meeting to advise us accordingly. .

Similarly if we as colleagues are aware that we ourselves, or anyone within our family or households also pose a risk to ourselves or to clients and candidates to advise as appropriate..

Whilst it is important to maintain a balanced view between containment, delay of the spread, pandemic and the maintenance of our daily routine, it is a reasonable adjustment to restrict this risk by wherever possible avoiding face to face meetings with clients or candidates where there is no imperative to do so.

We would advise you to keep up to date with the Government’s advice which is updated daily. .

Other Policies.

A full list of polices can be found here: Opt-In, Copyright, Privacy and Equal Opportunity Policies

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